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DS-82-MISC Is Printable Form DS-82 Necessary? Yes, as it still takes a paper version, the blank form DS-82 is necessary. It needs your signature, and that may be the primary reason. That’s why the Department of State provides both Form DS-82 fillable PDF and the online filler where you can enter your data, but both of them need to be printed and signed in the end.
Who gets a DS-82 Form?
They Say DS 82 Is Expired. So What Now? Yes, as for March 2020, the Department of State really states that passport forms DS 82 and others are expired. On the other hand, that very page highlights that these forms are still accepted, at least until their successors are established and published. So you can use them as normal. It’s just a complication of bureaucracy that you shouldn’t be concerned about too much.
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Is Form DS-82 Available for Online Filing? Yes, but suddenly it’s printable too. Instead of filing all the data digitally, the online filler generates a Form DS-82 printable PDF with all your information entered in the right places. After the file is generated, you should download it and print as you do with the regular blank form. No manual corrections are allowed after you print the form, so avoid mistakes and errors. If somehow a mistake has infiltrated, you’ll have to repeat the whole procedure to get your document correctly printed.
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When the time comes to get yourself a new passport after the old one expires, it’s when you need the Form DS 82 for passport renewal. You may order it in the Department of State office, but it’s easier to use a Form DS-82 printable template, prepare it, and send it by mail.

What should you know before doing it? First of all, it always takes the regular post service to file the form. Yes, it means that you need to send this form printed and hand-signed in an envelope. A color photo is an obligatory attachment; without it, a new passport just cannot be issued.

On the site, you can find a Form DS-82 fillable PDF that you can print at home and fill by hand. To do this, do the following:

  1. Proceed to the download page and click the link
  2. Save the file to your computer
  3. Open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Edge, or any other application capable of handling PDF files
  4. After locating the downloaded Form DS-82 print it the way you usually do
  5. Fill in the printed version, skipping no field (unless instructed to) and making no mistakes.

You can print the DS-82 form directly from your browser, but you better save the file locally, in case you need to repeat the printing. It takes one slip to make the form incorrect, so you may need another printed copy. Probably a Form DS-82 sample may help in filling it correctly. You can also find it on the site, with all the instructions required.

Then you must send it. If you’re currently in the US passport renewal DS 82 form should be sent to one of the offices specified in the form, either in Irving, TX, or in Philadelphia, PA. If you are currently in Canada, you can also mail it to the office in Philadelphia, but the expedited service will require extra fee. If this urgency caught you when abroad, you’ll need to turn to the nearest Embassy of the U.S. to deliver your Form DS-82. But still, you better download Form DS-82 printable and prepare it beforehand.

Here you can get:
Actual DS-82 Form for 2020 and previous years
Printable File in PDF and DOC
Requirements and Instructions
When Should One File the DS-82 to Get the Passport in Time?

As the law states, a passport of the U.S. is valid for ten years. You need to make sure you have mailed the form with all the attachments in time to get a new valid passport and save inconveniences. You better check the date of expiry now and set the reminder, even if it’s years later. You won’t regret it when the time comes.

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